3 Go-to Photography Blogs

Photography has pretty much always been an interest of mine. My junior year of high school was when my love for capturing images really took off. I enjoy learning about the different aspects of photography. I often find myself looking at other artists’ work to gain inspiration for my own creative work. Here are my favorite photography blogs.


Digital Photography School

Learning the mechanics behind photography can be a tricky process, especially if you’re trying to tackle the information by yourself. However, with the Digital Photography School blog, you’ll never be alone. Here you’ll discover new tips and techniques to become a better photographer. Everything from portraits and landscapes to composition, post processing and camera gear is all at the tips of your fingers.

This blog is also easy to navigate through. You can kiss the confusion goodbye! No more countless minutes wasted by endless clicking. Everything you need is just one click away. The home page also contains different updated posts from a variety of bloggers about the different types of photography and the techniques needed to master the artful skills.


Shutter Speak Photography

Want to learn more about ice hockey photography? Then you have come to the right place. This blog by Joseph Nuzzo features the expertise needed to get the perfect shot in an ice rink. Several factors play a role in achieving a flawless image.  Being a photographer himself, Nuzzo explains ice hockey “can be one of the most challenging sports a photographer will ever shoot.” So sit back and relax while Nuzzo takes you into the world of photographing professional ice hockey.

This site also incorporates Nuzzo’s personal portfolio of both NHL and concert photographs. However, hockey isn’t the only topic covered in his blogs. Nuzzo also highlights events that take place in New York City as well as light houses he has come across in his travels.


Jeff Cable Photography

His love of photography is showcased by a cohesive set of images. Photos of nature, family, the Olympics as well as several other images are all captured through this creative artist: Jeff Cable. Take a stroll through Cable’s blog to witness works of art come to life. In his blog “My last practice before the 2018 Winter Olympics,” Cable photographs the San Jose Sharks NHL hockey team. Along with photos from the game, Cable documents his experience covering the Sharks as they battle the Winnipeg Jets on home ice. He also incorporates what settings he used on his camera to get the winning shot.

Other great blogs by Cable are featured on his website, along with his personal portfolio. His vast array of different styles of photography are what make him stand out in the crowd of other photographers.


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